The Manor


The Manor

When I arrived at The Manor, I was in awe; yep mouth open, of the beauty of the outdoor area.  Not just the Villa itself, but the landscaping, as well as the fountain area designated for outdoor weddings.  This is an 8600 square foot Mediterranean Mansion filled with chandeliers, crystal, and porcelain tile.  With a 300 guest capacity, there are also doors that lead outside to a 4000 sq. foot covered balcony where you can walk around the complete facility.  There is a 2100 square foot enclosed, air conditioned patio complete with chandelier for dining, dancing or extra seating.

A front view of The Manor, a wedding venue near Lafayette, Louisiana.

Nancy and her husband, Ross, own this beautiful facility.   I had the pleasure of meeting both of them.  Nancy greeted me at the door with a large smile.  I had read over many of the reviews for The Manor,  so I already knew that her clients loved her bubbly personality and attention to detail.  When I  do venue tours, I love the owners to treat me as they would a client;  so I can see how their personalities truly are.  Nancy did not disappoint.   I began to realize not only all this venue had to offer but also the attention to detail she indeed put into each and every event!  She gets excited talking about what she does!!!  I love that!

The venue is already beautifully decorated, though if you would like anything added or changed, Nancy is there to take care of all of your wishes.  She has 11 employees with microphones in their ears, so at anytime during your event, if anything is needed, one of her employees will take care of it immediately.

The Manor is a two story facility.  Guests have a choice to use the stairs  or take an elevator; and of course Nancy has someone to run the elevator and help any guests if they need assistance.  So as soon as the wedding is over and guests come in for the reception, they are lead upstairs;  while the couple, along with their wedding party and parents,etc., stay downstairs for photos.  This only takes about 15 minutes, because Nancy has everything planned and  precoordinated with the couple and photographer.

All lights are dimmed during the reception because Nancy has 100 candles lit throughout the facility…even in the fireplace.  While the guests are upstairs, looking over the railing to the area below, the DJ announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen we gather around the balcony for the first dance – ladies and gentlemen I present Mr. and Mrs……”

A view from the balcony on the second floor of The Manor, a wedding venue near Lafayette, Louisiana.

As Nancy and I walked through this beautiful and timeless facility, she explained to me about her events and the couples she’s had…and just hearing her speak reiterated to me, that she loves what she does!  She loves each couple and makes sure that each wedding is exactly what they want.  She looks at them as family…and reading her reviews I saw they too end up feeling the same way about her.  How cool is that!!!

The bridal dressing room is perfect in size and has everything the bride and the wedding party needs.  Nancy makes them cookies and chocolate covered strawberries!  That speaks volumes about the special treatment she gives each couple.  The dressing room is available 6 hours prior to the event, giving plenty of time to do hair, makeup, etc.,  all at The Manor.

A view of the bridal dressing suite at The Manor, a wedding venue near Lafayette, Lousiana.

If you are having an outdoor wedding near the fountain, Nancy has torches around the fountain as well as candles lit up on the fountain and down the aisle.

A view from the second floor of The Manor, a wedding venue near Lafayette, Louisiana, showing chairs setup for an outdoor wedding around the fountain.

All linens, chairs, chair covers, etc., are included for indoor and outdoor weddings, as well as the catering area.  Though everything is already setup , she will move tables, chairs, etc. to the wishes of each couple.

A view of the indoor area setup for a wedding reception at The Manor, a wedding venue located near Lafayette, Louisiana.

The family seriously doesn’t have to do a thing…Nancy and Ross, as well as her crew, take care of everything; even the smallest details like the pins for the money dance, or one of the biggest details… getting all of the cards and gifts together and taking them to the designated car.  They’ll  take the top of the cake off for the couple for their one year anniversary and pack it away,  making sure it’s put in the right car.  So when the couple are ready to leave, every detail has been taken care of and the couple and family leave with no worries at all!

The couple exiting the wedding venue, The Manor, located near Lafayette, Louisiana.

I was totally taken by surprise at the price of this wonderful venue!  It is extremely reasonable and not at all what I expected it to be…especially with everything that is included.  I am not listing prices on here….but please, make sure to click on the link below to set up a tour of her venue.  You will fall in love with her, the venue and the price!  NOTE:  If you decide to call this venue directly, please let them know you found them on my website.  Thanks, Adrienne

If you would like more information please click on the link.  Contact The Manor

Or call 337-223-4722     For wedding packages info:

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Maison de Tours St. Martinville, Louisiana


Maison de Tours is located in St. Martinville, Louisiana and opened it’s doors in 2018 and since then the owners, Dale and her son, Greg, have gradually added on to this beautiful venue and changed things as they were needed.  With an outdoor courtyard area, and a pavilion that can be draped, this venue can handle not only your indoor reception but also outdoor weddings and receptions. 


And if it’s a little cold, Dale and her staff have that covered!   The pavilion has chiffon on the inside and tent sides that can come down to block the cold.  Want to hang outside in the beautiful courtyard area?  Not only is there a beautiful fountain, but she also has a fire pit and heaters that keeps it warm enough to have an outdoor reception in the winter! 

Dale told me she doesn’t rush her brides the day of the wedding, and makes sure to do whatever she needs to make the bride and her family happy and stressed free, just as she would want her daughter to be treated for her wedding.  She also includes time for the rehearsal so everyone will be ready and knows what to do.

This speaks volumes to me!  She cares about each and every one of her clients and it shows.  The bride and the wedding party have all day to get ready in her beautiful upstairs area, which is filled with antiques, perfect for photos.  She also has a kitchen for them , long mirrors for the makeup artist are located everywhere, two bathrooms and so much more.

A photo of a bride at Maison de Tours bridal suite, a wedding venue near Lafayette, Louisiana.

Bride and wedding party at Maison de Tours, a wedding venue near Lafayette, LA, taken in the Bridal Dressing Suite.


Dale, Aline, her coordinator who is there throughout your event, and her staff are professional , organized , prepared and as so many of the reviews I read said….easy to work with!  Dale includes just about everything you need for your event; the tables, chairs,  linens, table runners, a coordinator, candles throughout the inside and outside areas and so much more!  And Dale has so much in decorations the client doesn’t really have to bring in anything…but in you have something special you want, Dale and her staff will be there to work with you to make sure your day is exactly what you envision!

A beautiful part about this venue is the upstairs area being available to the guests.  Sometimes guests who come to events have not seen each other in awhile, and would like a place to be away from perhaps the noise of the music and the reception to just visit and talk or have a place for solace or to just chill!  This venue is perfect in that you can have it all…you can party, dance or find a quiet spot… Oh and you have to see the view from upstairs on the balcony with the church in the background!   Beautiful!!!!

Capacity is 375 easy, with 4 bathrooms,and a staff of 6-8 people at all times throughout your event.  Dale can recommend a caterer, or you may bring in your own licensed caterer.  She has a beautiful outdoor area for the caterer to set up, with lights that even change colors!  Her prices for her beverage packages are so reasonable, just as her price for the venue, especially for everything that is included!

If you are looking for a destination wedding…look no farther.  Dale has hosted weddings for brides from Australia, Singapore, England and Japan, just to name a few.  Guests can stay at the Castillo Bed and Breakfast located just a few blocks from the venue, or nearby St. Martinville is a Comfort Inn and La Quinta.  Your guests from out of town can enjoy all that St. Martinville as well as the nearby towns have to offer, including the church, Acadian Memorial, African Museum, Park Creole House, Lake Martin Alligator Tour, Atchafalaya Airboat tour and so much more!   NOTE:  If you decide to call this venue directly, please let them know you found them on my website.  Thanks, Adrienne

If you would like more information please click on the link.  Contact Maison De Tours

Adrienne”The Wedding Whisperer”