About Me

After owning my own wedding venue in South Louisiana for 20 years, I was ready to begin a new chapter in my life. I decided to close my venue and turn my website, http://www.magnoliacourt.com into a wedding venue website. This would give couples the opportunity to find their perfect venue in Louisiana.

Then after a year of touring wedding venues and adding them to my site, I realized that I wanted to move further into this quest. This is when I decided to begin this Blog on Wedding Venue Tours, Wedding Planning Hints and Ideas, Wedding Planning, as well as two of my loves, cooking..so recipes to share and traveling…I’ll be doing lots of traveling for the venue tours and for fun!

I have decided to only stay in the United States.   I’ve done research and there are so many blogs for wedding venues, especially for destination weddings, out of the country….but I say why go out of the United States.

America has so much to offer! Our terrain is absolutely gorgeous and so very varied, depending on where you go. No passport needed, a lot less expensive and most importantly, I believe, is we keep our monies in America, which will help to strengthen our economy.

I also love to cook.  I have many recipes from the south, from friends, relatives…and now with traveling the United States to tour venues…I look forward to finding new recipes to share with you.

I look forward to experiencing the wonderful things the Universe has given us in the beauty of the flowers, mountains, streams, woods, trees, the sky from different view…the list goes on.  I am grateful to have this opportunity and can’t wait to see what the venues have done with our Universes beauty to enhance their venue!  And then to share them with you!

I believe that at any given time in your life…you have choices…many of them.  Being positive…going for your dreams…be it your wedding, career, whatever…..will change your life.  Only you can decide what your dreams are.

In some way…I hope I’m not only fulfilling my dreams with this new venture…hopefully along the way I will not only help you make your wedding dreams come true…maybe somewhere along the way you will find your dream and the strength to pursue it.  Life is here for the taking…learn to take time to enjoy every moment.

I also love, love, love Yoga.  At 68 this month, June 27, 2019, it has been 4 years since I began my journey with Yoga.  So wish I would have started earlier in life…you should consider it…but more importantly, I’m grateful I’m there now.

I’d love to hear from you with any thoughts or suggestions.

Make your life wonderful!