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Hi there, I’m Adrienne, “The Wedding Whisperer” and I’m here to help you Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

About Adrienne, The Wedding Whisperer.  I had a wedding venue in Lafayette, Louisiana for 20 years and closed my venue in 2017.  I was ready to begin a new chapter in my life. I  turned my venue website http://www.magnoliacourt.com into a wedding venue and vendors listing website. This would give couples the opportunity to find their perfect venue in Louisiana.

Then after a year of touring wedding venues and adding them to my site, I realized that I wanted to move further into this quest. This is when I decided to begin this Blog on Wedding Venue Tours, Wedding Planning Hints and Ideas, and Wedding Planning.

I have decided to only stay in the United States.   I’ve done research and there are so many blogs for wedding venues, especially for destination weddings, out of the country….but I say why go out of the United States?

America has so much to offer! Our terrain is absolutely gorgeous and so very varied, depending on where you go. No passport needed, a lot less expensive and most importantly, I believe, is we keep our monies in America, which will help to strengthen our economy.

I also love to cook.  I have many recipes from the south, from friends, relatives…and now with traveling the United States to tour venues…I look forward to finding new recipes to share with you.

I will be here to help you plan your wedding, find your venue and vendors and help answer your questions to keep you on your path to Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True!

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to CONTACT ME via email or call me at 337-264-9616.