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Flower Ideas For Your Wedding

A beautiful bridal bouquet tinting flowers with eyeshadow to get the color the bride wanted on her white calla lilies.

White Calla Lilies highlighted with lavender eye shadow

Sometimes my brides have accent colors they want to use…but they also have a certain flower they want to use that doesn’t come in the accent color they are using.

This happened to my daughter.   Her accent color was lavender.   She really loves Calla Lilies, and to this day she grows them beautifully in her gardens in Austin, Texas.  So she bought white Calla Lilies and took lavender eye shadow to highlight the tips of the Calla Lilies.  Perfect idea!  Her bouquet came out beautiful and the colors were just what she wanted.

Remember this when you are planning your flowers.  Think outside the box, like Maggie did.  I’ve told many of my customers this idea….and it’s helped many of them.

Silk flowers for rent by Something Borrowed Blooms.

Jane Collection by Something Borrowed Blooms

Also there are many options now for flowers.  You may want real flowers or for another option Something Borrowed Blooms who specialize in delivering on-trend, premium silk wedding flower collections for RENT on your wedding day.   They have many collections to choose from.

If you are looking for flowers for your wedding, renting or real, look at the listings I have on my website, www.magnoliacourt.com under
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Happy Planning!